About The Gallery

Municipal Gallery of Karlovy Vary, s.r.o., Stará Louka 26 (hereinafter as MGKV)

I. Purpose of the Gallery

a) MGKV is established in order to have a quality presentation particularly of local and regionl artistic culture through exhibitions and respective means of promotion – catalogues, prospectuses, posters, media etc.

b) MGKV through its specific exhibitional projects helps the promotion of the town and its cultural life particularly in these areas:

- development of the relations with the partner towns (eg. reciprocal exhibitions of artists from the partner towns)

- support of important cultural events and activities in the town ( eg. Spa Season Opening, International Film Festival, Tourfilm, etc.) - reflections of important persons of Karlovy Vary artistic and cultural life )

c) MGKV acts as an art centre and contact point for Karlovy Vary art associations.


II. Organizational Structure

The director of MGKV shall appoint an advisory committee consisted of the representatives of Karlovy Vary area of The Union of Artists, The Regional Art Association and a representative of profesional artists of Karlovy Vary Region acting out of these associations.

Advisory Committee

- participates in dramaturgy of exhibitions - considers and suggests the selection of exhibits

Members of the Advisory Committee:

Václav Balšán, member of The Regional Art Assoiation Ing.arch. Michal Karas, member of The Regional Art Association ac. Sculptor Jiří Kožíšek, member of Karlovy Vary area of The Union of Artists Eduard Milka, member of Karlovy Vary area of The Union of Artists ac. painter František Tumpach, independent

The other structure and statutory bodies of MGKV ( director, general meeting etc.) derive from the formo f establishment of this institution.

III. Financing of activities

For realization of the main objective stated under the counts A), B), C) MGKV raises its funds principally in two ways: 1) From sales of oroginal works of art, possibly from agency activities 2) from grants and subsidies, possibly from sponsorship ad 1) MGKV is not an organization of collections, it organizes and negotiates the sale of works of art as a profile selling gallery under the system of consignment sale on conditions set by contracts of mandate with individual authors. The Gallery can act as an agent between a prospective interested person and a common artist (eg. in the area of art completing of hotel and restaurant interiors, in the area of applied graphics etc.). ad 2) In case of particular exhibitional projects MGKV searches for possibilities of individual grant schemes for their performance and use. It also counts with financing of exhibitions by the art associations themselves, that have a possibility to use grants of municipality and region, however, in case of common projects with German associations to use eg. Czech-German Fond of Future or The Aim 3.

IV. Exhibitional Activity

Throughout the year the Gallery will be organizing 4-5 exhibitions on which it introduces particularly art work of regional artists. Author´s exhibitions will last 14 days and they will not follow each other immediately. There will be enough time and space between them to sell art works of the other common artists. Another area of the aim of exhibitional projects will be connected with a relationship of MGKV with Karlovy Vary art associations and their participation in common projects and workshops with foreign art associations.

V. Additional Program

1. promotional and advertising graphics

2. consultancy and agency of proposals to realize interiors ( eg. of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, shops, offices etc.) including their art design

3. Leasing service of art works for various occasions and above said interiors